The movements of 4 Bristle-thighed Curlews in May

On 30 January 2021, on motu in the blue lagoon of Rangiroa, we caught 12 Bristle-thighed curlews.

Last May, four curlews among them, C01, C03, C04 and C06, did some moves.

C01 and C04 went to Hawaii together, while C03 and C06 gave up a trip north after 400 and 1000 kilometres.

The two birds that went as far as the Hawaiian archipelago left each other when they got there. The first C04 made a stopover on the safety of the island of Hawaii before heading north again. Unfortunately, we lost track of him on this new departure. The second C01 went to Honolulu for a stopover before returning to the blue lagoon. It may have been a juvenile that made a half migration. The young remain on the wintering grounds for the first three years of their lives. text